Smart personal data ecosystem

Boost your customer relationship thanks to a full range of services using the PikcioChain technology: a blockchain network dedicated to personal data.


MatchUpBox is developing PikcioPro,
a range of plug & play services using PikcioChain.

PikcioChain-based services

Whether your are a bank, an insurance or a telemedicine company you need to collect qualitative personal data to improve your customer knowledge and services, while being compliant with privacy regulation. Benefit from modular and ready-to-use services designed for your company, your partners and your customers

  • Improved customer knowledge
  • Qualitative customer relationship
  • Improved customer experience
  • White labeling & interoperability
  • Secure & Privacy by Design
  • GDPR compliant

Use Cases

PikcioPro solutions are designed for financial,
healthcare companies, and more


It generates profits from operational and compliance costs by speeding up on-boarding processes while improving client satisfaction

use case

Data portability

In a fully compliant way, it ensures financial data, including KYC credential, portability accross the whole company's ecosystem

use case

Data certification

It ensures an uncorruptible certification and tracability of the data issued by service providers, hospitals, individuals or IoT

use case

Personal data

Benefit from a large range of tools based on PikcioChain technology and opening up new opportunities for your customer relationship management.


Key benefits

Unlock the value of privacy and digital identity
through powerful ready-to-use services.
  • Traceable transactions

  • Incorruptible & secure

  • Data portability & real-time updates

  • Avoid fraud & error

  • Decrease process costs

  • Speed up on-boarding
    & customer satisfaction

Less than 3 min

To understand data portability
facilitated by the PikcioChain
in the banking industry

Less than 2min30

To understand data certification
facilitated by the PikcioChain
in the connected health industry

PikcioPro services

Explore ready to implement blockchain-based applications
  • 01

    Personal Data Hub

    Connect your company API for your customers to retrieve their data into their personal data Hub. In addition, they benefit from external connectors (Social networks, IoT, banking, government…). They can decide to safely share with you a diversified and blockchain-based certifyed pool of data

  • 02

    Trust Capital Index (TCI)

    A blockchain-based trust score is computed by correlating the various data retrieved by your clients. Use it to speed-up on-boarding processes

  • 03

    Manage profile & data

    Rich customer profile, updated with the retrieved data. Data is accessible by the company under client’s consent. Interoperable with CRM and DPM for real time updates

  • 04

    Chatbot: Pikcio as a Personal Assistant

    Because knowledge is at the core of intelligence, the PikcioBot uses the data retrieved within the app to speed up purchase, subscription, renewal or contract modification processes. Digitalize your procedures within Pikcio for an unforgettable customer experience

  • 05

    Private messaging

    Send direct, fast and confidential messages (Peer2Peer technology) or registered, certified messages (blockchain technology)

    Discover more
  • 06

    Smart calendar

    Define available time slots and automatically match availabilities with your contacts

  • 07

    Files management

    Upload, encrypt and safely share your files directly from your Pikcio



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